16-17th December @ DISTED College, Penang

An experimental camp for Malaysians

A student led exploration into practical science.

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The Youth STEM Experimental Camp (YSEC) is the first ever student-led, nation-wide experimental science camp hosted by AMISO, in collaboration with DISTED College!

The camp aims to foster participants’ knowledge in the experimental aspects of STEM and introduce high school and pre-university participants to the practical aspects of the International Science Olympiads. In a world where science is used as a guiding light, it is crucial to also use science in the dark; to apply the scientific method in foreign scenarios and better understand the incricate world around us when not much else is understood! Covering Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, YSEC welcomes students to explore the world together!

YSEC 2023 is a competition in which participants can join in groups of four, and are allowed to discuss amongst their teams during the competition. Points are calculated in teams rather than individually, and if there is a tie in points between teams, the team which submitted their answers earlier will be ranked higher.

The Youth STEM Experiment Cup consists of 2 rounds: the Preliminary Screening Round, and the Final Experiment Camp. Participants will have to qualify in the preliminary round in order to proceed.

The important details are as follows:

Preliminary Round

  • Date : 25th November 2023
  • Time : 10:00am - 11:32am
  • Venue : Online

Experiment Camp

  • Date : 16th to 17th December 2023
  • Time : 8:00am (16th) - 5:00pm (17th)
  • Venue : DISTED College @ Penang

The final experiment camp, held in DISTED College in Penang, includes practical sessions, talks by academic professionals, and many more exciting games and events!

More details can be found in the YSEC Infopack, such as the detailed schedules, terms and conditions, and additional details on both the Preliminary and the Final Camp Round.



  • 01/09/2023: Registration Starts
  • 11/11/2023: Registration Deadline
  • 25/11/2023: Preliminary Round
  • 28/11/2023: Announcement of Top Scorers
  • 06/12/2023: Finalist Attendance Confirmation Deadline
  • 16/12/2023: Final Round

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