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NATIONAL SELECTION PROCESS FOR 2023 (Last updated 9/3/2023)

Registration for the national selection process for IPhO 2023 has been closed. Thank you to everyone who have submitted their names!

Students who are eligible have been contacted via e-mail today.

The e-mail contains information about the first selection test (what was previously called Training camp 1).

The dates for the national selection process have been updated as follows:


Announcement of the national selection process for 2023


First selection test (online, 15 March) - assesses mastery of all STPM physics topics. Second selection test (online, date not finalized) - assesses mastery of advanced topics in mechanics.


Training camp 2 (face-to-face at UKM Bangi, 10-14 April) - practical lessons on graphical and error analysis, followed by assessment.


Announcement of the final team members to IPhO 2023


Training camp 3 (face-to-face at UKM Bangi, 12-23 June)


Training camp 4 (face-to-face at UKM Bangi, 3-7 July) International Physics Olympiad 2023 in Tokyo, Japan