Selection for IESO is through Malaysian Earth Science Olympiad.

Malaysian Earth Science Olympiad
Malaysian Earth Science Olympiad

Official MyESO website

Official IESO website

Selection Process

The top 4 contestants will be selected to the IESO.

  1. Earth Explorer Competition [February]
  2. Malaysian Earth Science Olympiad (MyESO) [March]
  3. National Training Camp [May]
  4. International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO) [August]


The International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO), one of the thirteen International Science Olympiads, is an annual competition for secondary school students that tests their abilities in disciplines such as geology, meteorology, environmental science, and terrestrial astronomy. Students who are winners of the respective national competitions are invited to participate in the IESO, and all interested countries are encouraged to contribute to the IESO. The IESO is one of the only three International Science Olympiads (along with the International Linguistics Olympiad and International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics) to include an International Team Competition.

It is one of the major activities of the International Geoscience Education Organization – IGEO that aims at raising student interest in and public awareness of Earth sciences, as well as to enhance Earth science learning of students.


The competition for each participant consists of theoretical and practical examinations as well as field work test. Beside that, an International Team Field Investigation (ITFI) will be arranged. Each team will consist of some students from different countries. Participants should work together during experimental and/or field tasks and will be graded together as a group.


Participants should not have been born before July 1, X-19, where X is the year of the Olympiad. The participants must not be university/college students. They can only be students of secondary/high school. If they have already graduated before the competition, the organizer must be informed about the date of their graduation. A student who has already participated in an IESO and who wants to participate in a subsequent IESO may do so only as a guest student and not as a member of a national team. This means that the student will not be eligible for any medals at the second or subsequent IESO.

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