Selection for IJSO is through Kancil Science Competition.

Kancil Science Competition
Kancil Science Competition

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To represent Malaysia in the International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO), students have to pass two elimination stages: Kancil Science Competition and Malaysia Junior Science Olympiad

Selection Process 

Eligibility: Contestants must be 15 years or younger (as of competition date) to participate in IJSO 

  1. Kancil Science Competition (Open to all students)
  2. Malaysia Junior Science Olympiad (Open to only medal winners of Kancil Science Competition who fit the age requirements)
  3. Training Camp (Available for the top 6 contestants of MYJSO)
  4. International Junior Science Olympiad 

Top 6 contestants of MYJSO will be selected for IJSO

Kancil Science Competition is usually held in the first quarter of the year, whereas IJSO is often held in December


The International Junior Science Olympiad is a general science competition. The IJSO syllabus is therefore not strictly divided into the disciplines biology, chemistry and physics but rather intends to highlight basic general concepts in science.

This conceptual approach is also meant to encourage the development of problems of interdisciplinary content and relevance.

Examination Details

IJSO consists of 3 papers: MCQ, theory and practical. Each paper is 4 hours long and will be held on separate days.

The MCQ paper contains 30 questions, awarding students a maximum of 30 marks. One mark is awarded for each correct answer, no marks awarded when no answer is provided and 0.25 marks will be deducted for every wrong answer.

The Theory paper contains 5 questions and every question consist of 3 parts. The maximum number of marks awarded is 30. 

The Practical paper of the competition holds a maximum of 40 marks, given over 3 tasks. The Practical paper will be done in a team of 3 students. All 3 students will be from the same country (each country will generally have 2 teams). Teams will be allocated during the competition itself and cannot be decided prior.

If you are an IJSO alumnus, you can help us complete this page by registering first. Thank you.

What is IJSO? Talk by Ms. Anis Shahira Hadis


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