Selection for IPO is through MyPO by Persatuan Pendidikan Falsafah dan Pemikiran Malaysia (PPFPM).


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Introduction to IPO

IPO is a philosophy essay writing competition that is held on an international level involving more than 50 countries. IPO was founded in 1993 and is held around May annually. The IPO competition is under the management of the International Federation of Philosophical Societies (FISP).

Each country can send 2 contestants to IPO chosen through national competitions that are hosted by FISP-appointed organizations. Malaysia’s participation in IPO started since 2018. The selection process of Malaysian contestants is managed by PPFPM: this process starts with MyPO and is followed by a few series of trainings and follow-ups. 

You can know more about IPO here.

<This introduction is translated from the PPFPM website> 

Selection Process

Contestants to represent Malaysia in the IPO are chosen through the Malaysian Philosophy Olympiad (MyPO). Participants will need to register for MyPO (when registration opens) ,which takes form as an essay writing competition. Winners of MyPO will undergo a training camp, from which two representatives will be selected to participate in IPO.

About MyPO

Before the day of MyPO, participants will be invited to join a series of workshops introducing some basics of philosophy, including epistemology, ethics, metaphysics and so on.

During MyPO, participants will receive a set of 5 questions, from which participants will have to choose one question and write a 1000-2000 word-long essay response to it. Participants are not required to have prior knowledge in philosophy to write the essay, meaning they should not be quoting or referencing other philosophical thoughts. 

A common misconception : A philosophical essay is an original and personal analysis of the writer towards a specific issue using philosophical thinking as a structure. It is not an essay that summarizes opinions that can be obtained through outside sources such as books or the Internet (even though these sources are referenced) towards the aforementioned issue.


All Malaysian nationals who are studying at a high school level or pre-university level (those who are studying abroad are also considered) and aged 18 and below are eligible to participate in MyPO. 


If you are an IPO alumnus, you can help us complete this page by registering first. Thank you.

What is IPO? Talk by Mr. Hazman Baharom


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